All trails in the eastern side of Lefkada including Skaros and Nidri

Alexandros to the Red Church - A wonderful descent from Alexandros down to the Red Church following a gorge through the Skaros Forest and a superb tree lined monopati. This route combines with the trail Red Church to Kollyvata to make an easy but interesting circular route. Further afield it combines with Red Church to Skaros… -
Katouna Valley and Forest Loop - Beautiful walk from Katouna village climbing up along a stream, climbing over a hill for wonderful views, and back down to Katouna. Best in spring when there is water in the streams and all the flowers are out - but great all year round. There is a fair bit of… -
Kollyvata to Skaros forest loop - Classic route around the Skaros peaks wandering through ancient oak forests along marble terraced monopati. This trail has a number of elements that make it one of the best on the island. The oak trees many of which are hundreds of years old. The ancient monopati following natural rock ledges… -
Lefkada Trail day 2 Nikiana to Karya - This walk runs from the small harbour of Nikiana to the mountain village of Karya. It climbs up and over Skaros mountain, past Alexandros, and across the Livadi polje (see below) to the mountain village of Karya. The trail is along monopati and unsurfaced tracks for almost all the route.… -
Nidri – Dimosari waterfall – Neochori loop - Hike from the port of Nidri, to the nearby Dimosari waterfall at Rachi, and then up the hills coming back down through the pretty Neochori village. You can use this route just to go to the waterfall and then back to Nidri - or hike up above Nidri for great… -
Red Church – Skaros – Kollyvata loop - The Trail of the Three Monopati. Climb up Skaros mountain from the Red Church above Nidri. This routes forms a loop following three classic monopatis. Combined with the views from the top of Skaros it is one of the best medium length trails of eastern Lefkada. 11km. 436m ascent. View… -
Red Church to Kollyvata - A wonderful ascent from the Red Church up to Kollyvata following a superb tree lined monopati and through the forests and ravines of Skaros. This route combines with the trail Alexandros to the Red Church to make an easy but interesting circular route. For a longer trail it combines with… -
Skaros mountain from Nikiana loop - This trail climbs up Skaros through the crags above Nikiana looping around the back to descend by track and road returning to Nikiana. The climb is a full 600m up through the oak forest and crags of the eastern flank of Skaros. When you look up Skaros from the Nikiana-Nidri… -