All trails over 7.5km long

Athani loop - Circular walk up through pine forests and up over the limestone hills of south west Lefkada. Starts in the village of Athani just above many of the most famous beaches of this part of Lefkada. Great for a walk followed by a freshing dip - or just a drink in… -
Dessimi to Poros cape loop - This walk runs right around the glorious Poros cape in the south east corner of Lefkada. The trail starts either from Poros village itself or from Kamari beach on the east side of the cape near Dessimi (both on exactly the same loop path). You can also walk Dessimi to… -
Kontarena and Vasiliki Loop - A walk around Sykero, a low hill on the headland south east of Vasiliki with great views over the south of the island. Starts and ends at a taverna in Kontarena which is the first village on the main road to Nidri from Vasiliki. The trail follows a mostly unsurfaced… -
Lefkada Trail day 1 Lefkada Town to Nikiana - This walk runs from Lefkada Town main square to the small harbour of Nikiana. It takes in the pretty mountain village of Katouna about half way (there are tavernas there and both ends). The trail is inland in the hills above the coast for most of its route. This way… -
Lefkada Trail day 2 Nikiana to Karya - This walk runs from the small harbour of Nikiana to the mountain village of Karya. It climbs up and over Skaros mountain, past Alexandros, and across the Livadi polje (see below) to the mountain village of Karya. The trail is along monopati and unsurfaced tracks for almost all the route.… -
Lefkada Trail day 4 Eglouvi to Ag. Ilias - This walk runs between the mountain villages of Eglouvi and Ag Ilias. It climbs up and over Mount Elati visiting the high peaks of Katharia Rachi and Stavrotas before descending to Ag. Ilias. This takes you over the highest part of Lefkada; crossing from the north to the south of… -
Lefkada Trail day 5 Ag. Ilias to Ag. Petros - The trail is the fifth part of the Lefkada Trail running from the base of Stavrotas over to the start of the long tail of Lefkada down to the south. The walk crosses the Vasiliki valley descending down past the magical springs and waterfalls of Syvros before climbing back up… -
Lefkada Trail day 6 Ag. Petros to Cape Doukato - This walk runs from the mountain village of Ag Petros down to the cape and lighthouse on the south tip of Lefkada. It follows a set of tracks running through the pine forests on the long tail of Lefkada. The trail is mostly monopati and unsurfaced tracks for the the… -
Mellisa Gorge Loop - Walk down into the delightful Mellisa Gorge in the hills above Lefkada town. This gorge is frequently mentioned in guides to Lefkada as a great place for a shady walk beside a stream in the impressive Mellisa Gorge - and indeed it is. However the path through the gorge itself… -
Skaros mountain from Nikiana loop - This trail climbs up Skaros through the crags above Nikiana looping around the back to descend by track and road returning to Nikiana. The climb is a full 600m up through the oak forest and crags of the eastern flank of Skaros. When you look up Skaros from the Nikiana-Nidri… -
Syvros Springs Syvros Springs Pathway - A beautiful loop between Syvros and Vournikas and the lush valley that surrounds them; above Vasiliki. The walk passes several springs, streams, waterfalls, and old water mills (the water runs all year). This superb classic route has been recently cleared and revived by the Antelikos Sivros Cultural Club led by… -
Vournikas around Lainaki loop - A loop around the Lainaki mountain starting from Vournikas - a mountain village in the valley up above Vasaliki. The trail starts with a steep climb up and over a pass following an old monopati. After descending down the other side the trail contours around the mountain on a wonderful… -