Download trails to Guru Maps

Here is a step-by-step guide to transferring Lefkada Trails GPS maps from our website to your phone, so that you can use them to guide you as you walk.

1) Get a suitable mapping app from your phone’s app store. We recommend the free app called ‘Guru Maps – GPS Route Planner’ (there is also a Pro version that you have to pay for but, for simply using offline GPS maps, you don’t need that). It will take just a few simple steps to set the app up and get it working; the app’s instructions are very clear.

2) Go to our website and choose the trail that you would like to hike. You can do this at home while planning your hike, or you can do it anywhere where you have enough phone signal to let you access the internet. To follow the map later, as you walk, you won’t need the internet – the GPS map will still work if you’re offline.

3) On our webpage for your chosen trail scroll down till you see the map. Below it there will be a link saying “Download GPX route”. (Don’t worry that it says GPX rather than GPS; a GPX file is simply a text file that contains all the information that a mapping app/device needs to transfer a digital map.)Click that link.

4) Find and open the downloaded file. On an iphone you will see a little blue arrow ⬇️ next to the webpage URL; click on that to find and select the file for the trail. On the iphone you will be prompted to choose where to share/send that file, and Guru Maps should be in the list of options. Select that.

5) Guru Maps will then open automatically, taking you to the correct part of Lefkada and showing you the map of the trail you downloaded. When you go to that location to start your hike, open Guru Maps again and it will provide an arrow to show you where you are. That arrow will move along, guiding you as you walk and allowing you to stay on the correct route. You can even get the app to show you the remaining distance and estimated finishing time for your walk.