Getting around Lefkada


Look at the >KTEL Lefkada website for current timetables (which change throughout the year). The routes are shown below (using the KTEL spellings for villages). All run from the bus station in Lefkada Town.

Bus and ferry destinations (topological not literal lines)

The red routes (1-3 times a day) are usually run just morning and lunchtime, so are not ideal for getting back after a one-way walk. If relying on bus best base yourself in Lefkada Town or possibly Nidri.

Bus and walking itinerary suggestions:

Always check the official >KTEL Lefkada website as it changes often.


A great option that lets you explore the whole island. The primary road runs all the way around the island Lefkada Town – Nidri – Vasiliki – Chortata – back via Lazarata (high) or Ag Nikitas (low). The road up from Lazarata – Karya – Eglouvi is also good. Most others are twisting and narrow and take significantly longer. If you have time, you get great views driving over Mt Elati either east-west or north-south. The roads through Eglouvi and Ag Ilias are particularly narrow so take care. The roads down to west coast beaches are extremely twisty and steep (especially between Kalamitisi and Egremni inclusive).

Best not to pick a wide car when you hire. 4×4 not really needed unless rough-roading in winter after rain. High ground-clearance more useful rough-roading at other times.


Several taxi firms and independents operate on the island. There are taxi ranks in Lefkada Town (near the marina) and Nidri (port) – or phone and book.

Some firms focus on the island hotels to airport route and tend to have big cars (not so good to go up along mountain roads). But many independents are happy to take walkers.


Ferries to Kefalonia and Ithaca from Vasiliki and to Meganissi from Nidri.

There are also several day-trip boats operating from Vasiliki, Nidri and Ag. Nikitas to take people around to the west coast beaches and smaller islands. You could use them to get to a beach and walk back e.g. from Vasiliki to Porto Katsiki. They only operate in season though. Ask the operators on the quayside.

Tours and Guides

The >Ligia Agency run tours including guided walks. Can also book accommodation and car hire, etc.