Sustainable Tourism

Do you own or run a Lefkada-based business for visitors, such as a taverna; a hotel, villa, or airbnb; or a tour company? Encouraging hikers to visit this lovely island and telling them about Lefkada Trails could help you to extend your season.

Our trail descriptions and accurate GPS maps are free resources that anyone can use. Hikers can see our trails online when they’re planning and booking their holidays, and once they arrive in Lefkada they can use their mobile phones to follow our routes.

Feel free to link to our website from your business’s website or facebook page, so your visitors can discover and use our trails for themselves. You might also wish to develop and offer guided hikes; the choice is yours.

Lefkada Trails is not a company. We’re simply a couple of local residents who love exploring Lefkada’s beautiful interior, and are able to use our tech and editorial backgrounds to promote and share it. We hope that many more people will discover this island’s mountain landscapes and traditional villages, will help to keep its monopatis and paths open, and will help Lefkada to develop more low-impact, sustainable, tourism.

How could this extend the tourist season? Well, hikers are hardy; they don’t mind winter weather or muddy boots. Many are happy to travel independently, and will not be deterred by flying via Athens or Thessaloniki when Lefkada’s local airport Preveza/Aktion is closed to international flights. Moreover, some will want to explore the natural beauty and archaeology of mainland Greece on their way to Lefkada. Perhaps that’s something your company could help them with.

Many other parts of Europe – including some in Greece – are successfully attracting hikers all year round. And the outdoor activity industry is growing fast. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, millions more people have discovered the joys and benefits of walking in wild places, and many will be seeking hiking holidays in 2022 and beyond. With such a concentration of superb trails in just one island, Lefkada is an ideal destination for them.