Getting to Lefkada


Aktion-Preveza airport is just 20 minutes drive from Lefkada Town. It is a great small airport with good snack bars airside and landside; or two good tavernas outside across the road if you have a longer wait. Flights operate March-October to and from many destinations in Europe. There are several car-hire companies operating at the airport. Taxis are usually waiting at the rank and charge about 60 Euro to Lefkada Town, more to other parts of the island. There are about six buses a day to Lefkada Town> (in summer) and cheap if the timing works out.

Athens airport is open all year. All services including a hotel. By car it is four and a half hours drive along an easy toll motorway with great views. You can go by comfortable bus> taking five hours including a short rest-break. The bus terminates at the Athens “KTEL Terminal A” bus station> in bay 39 – set slightly apart from the other bays. Right next to this bay is a taxi rank and local buses. If in a hurry get a taxi to/from the airport. The X93 bus runs every 30 mins peak direct to the airport (allow up to an hour in peak hours). The 052 bus shuttles a short route to and from the metro at Eleonas station and then a 45 minute metro to the airport. The 051 bus runs every 8 mins peak to Omonia Square from where you can explore central Athens and then get the metro to the airport. If you haven’t been to Athens before then a diversion to the city is a must. Easiest to buy your Lefkada-Athens bus ticket online but must be printed. If buying the ticket at the Athens terminal the ticket booth is next to the 39 bay, not in the main ticket hall where all the other destinations are sold, nor the local bus ticket booth also near bay 39. Just find bay 39 and the Lefkada sign and it will make sense.

It is also possible to travel via Thessaloniki airport. Slightly further than Athens but you don’t have to drive in Athens traffic. A good motorway runs all the way. Buses too>. Again lots to see enroute.

Firms do offer transfers between Athens airport and Lefkada by car/minibus. It isn’t cheap but worth considering, especially if you have a small group to share the cost.


You can easily drive to Lefkada despite it being an island. It is linked by causeway and a special floating bridge across the remaining canal. For most of the day and night you drive straight over the bridge. It moves to allow boats to pass – usually every hour on the hour during the day in summer – less in winter.

The drive from Athens is very easy along good toll motorways. Takes about four to five hours depending on traffic in Athens. The last 50km of road to Lefkada is being upgraded to motorway too, part open already. Fully open late 2023(?) taking 20 mins off the drive.

Many interesting places to stop enroute e.g. the Corinth Canal, Corinth, northern Peloponnese, or even Delphi if you take the much slower northern side of the Gulf of Corinth. If you haven’t seen those places before it is worth taking time. You also go over the amazing Rio–Antirrio Bridge> – the longest in the world of it’s type (multi-span cable-stayed).

If heading to Thessaloniki then Meteora is high on world-bucket list places to see. Also the tomb of Alexander the Great’s father, Philip, at Vergina is a must-see with gold treasure rivaling Tutankhamen. The treasure is displayed inside the reburied mound tomb – very atmospheric. The museum at his nearby palace is newly opened too.

Car hire is available at airports or in Athens, Nidri and Lefkada Town. One way hire is possible but often expensive.


Buses leave Lefkada Town for the Aktion-Preveza airport and Preveza itself, Igoumenitsa, Athens and Theseloniki. From Lefkada Town bus station busses depart for the rest of Lefkada – some bits with several buses a day – other parts less frequently. The timetables> change often.

Long distance buses are pretty cheap and comfortable in Greece. They stop en-route for rest breaks although no toilet on board – so go before boarding.


Ferries link to nearby islands from Nidri (to Meganisi) and Vasiliki (to Ithaca and Kefelonia). There is also a summer ferry from Lefkada Town to Paxos and Corfu.

From Igoumenitsa (90 minutes drive or bus> up the mainland coast) you can get daily ferries crossing to Italy. This is a good route for cars from north or west Europe. If you have a campervan you can get good camp-on-board deals in summer. Comfortable (but not cheap) cabins if not. Cheap to sleep on airline-type seats or even cheaper on deck (OK in summer if you have a sleeping bag and mat).


Get the ferry to/from Igoumentisa (see above). From Italy you can pick up trains from Bari, Ancona or Venice to take you on to the rest of Europe. If you have time, a great green way to travel. See Man in Seat 61> who describes the route from London or Paris to Corfu, just get the bus from Igoumentisa to Lefkada rather than continuing to Corfu. An option is to take the >Lefkada-Patras bus and then the ferries to Italy from there – depends on the most convenient timetable for you.

The closest train heading for Athens is Kiato just Lefkada side of Corinth. From there trains take an hour> into the centre of Athens. There is free parking at Kiato station. Worth considering as an option if driving or can get a transfer. The train is as fast as driving into Athens (quicker in peak traffic times). It runs to Piraeus too if heading out to the Aegean islands. The train takes you to Athens airport with a simple change of train.


Taxi ranks at Aktion-Preveza airport, Lefkada Town and Nidri. They operate by phone anywhere on the island.