Lefkada Trail day 5 Ag. Ilias to Ag. Petros

The trail is the fifth part of the Lefkada Trail running from the base of Stavrotas over to the start of the long tail of Lefkada down to the south. The walk crosses the Vasiliki valley descending down past the magical springs and waterfalls of Syvros before climbing back up to Ag. Petros. This sets you up for the final day of the Lefkada Trail day 6 Ag. Petros to Cape Doukato.

The trail is along unsurfaced tracks and paths for much of the route – with just a few kilometres on very quiet roads.

300m ascent

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Tavernas and limited accommodation in Ag. Ilias and Ag. Petros. Vasiliki and Syvros have much more.

You really need to use a taxi or have a friend/partner that drives.

Day 5 of the 80km Lefkada Trail.
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The trail starts where we left off day 4 outside the taverna in Ag Ilias (just below entering the narrow one-way system within the main village). Head down the road towards Syvros. After 400m the road curves to the left where a log-clad house is on the right. Just before that house a concrete track goes right running down behind the house and becoming an unsurfaced track.

The track goes right off the road behind the log-clad house.

Keep right at the fork and continue until you re-join the road. Cross straight over the road and take the unsurfaced track heading down. Keep right descending down the track. For a short distance the track almost re-joins the road on the right, but continues on down. A section of the track is part-overgrown but continues as an easy path before becoming a track again. The track descends steeply on a few zig-zags until it reaches a less-steep section. On the right of the track is a large plane tree and the topmost Syvros spring. You can stop here for a rest and the water is pure and delicious.

The highest Syvros spring under the huge plane trees

Continue down the track you left to enter the spring. After 100m a second track forks right (running down just below the lefthand track gradually getting wider apart). The righthand track is less distinct so look carefully. Where you see some metal-sheet goat-sheds up to your left a track goes sharp right. After 50m a path descends straight down left. There are a number of red paint marks to follow from this point, but many of the red arrows point back the way you came (ignore that fact). Descend the steep track (take care) along a stream bed (with water in winter). At the bottom you pass a junction and then meet a track fording the stream to the left. From this point stop following red marks, and take the track left and down.

After 200m from the ford a path forks off to the left. Take the track through olive trees keeping right at the second fork until you meet a track. Go left along the track for 150m to the second spring. This one too is good to drink. There is usually a waterfall over the moss beside the path – very photogenic.

The second spring in Syvros. The mossy waterfall is behind the wall.

Head back on the track almost the way you came, but taking the track going left and down across the slope. After 200m turn left to a T junction where you go left again. Round a bend past an old watermill you re-join the road briefly. Turn left down the road and then immediately left again on another track. Keep right then left continuing down until you join the road again. Follow the road a short distance into Syvros village square with its water channels and tavernas. Time for a coffee or more.

When ready leave the square along the road to the right from where you came into the square. Go around the corner of the schoolhouse building and after 50m take the track going left. If you reach the post office you went too far. Down the track keep right and then right again. You soon re-join the road going left down hill. Just past the car service yard a paved path heads off left down to Daphne Spring.

Keep going down the Daphne Springs path for about 1.5km past the spring itself followed by several waterfalls and cascades. The path is delightful. Just below the last waterfall the path crosses a wooden bridge. Note there is another wooden bridge just before the real one leading to a dead-end. After the bridge head down left past a final spring until you re-join the road.

Bridge across the stream after the last waterfall (looking back the way you came).

Turn left down the hill, then round a right hand bend to a junction where you turn right (signposted to the cemetery). After 0.5km keep left at the road fork. After a further 1km the road turns sharply to the left and a track goes right (almost straight on).

A track goes off right on the corner of the road.

Take that track going left at the immediate first fork then turning right a little further on. Straight on until it re-joins a road. Go right along the road as it gradually climbs up the valley. After 1.2km the road passes some huge olive trees and an unsurfaced track heads off left up the valley through some trees. Take that track and climb up towards Ag. Petros.

The track goes left off the road just after some large olive trees.

Keep right and then left, generally keeping to the track zig-zagging up through the woods. When you reach a road go right and then straight up, ignoring turnings, up the very steep road into Ag Petros itself.

Here you join the main road down the west of the island. There are tavernas as well as some accommodation for the night.

Tomorrow is your last day on the Lefkada Trail.

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