Lefkada Trail day 5 Ag. Ilias to Ag. Petros

This walk runs between the mountain villages of Ag Ilias and Ag Petros. It follows a high mountain track running around Stavrotas before crossing the pretty Vasaliki valley to Ag Petros. This takes you to the top of the tail of Lefkada that runs down to the cape. The trail is along unsurfaced tracks for most of the route.

525m ascent

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Tavernas and limited accommodation in Ag. Ilias and Ag. Petros. Vasiliki and Syvros have much more.

You really need to use a taxi or have a friend/partner that drives.

Day 5 of the 80km Lefkada Trail.
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The trail is the fifth part of the Lefkada Trail taking you over to the start of the long tail of Lefkada running down to the south. It is a relatively easy day and gives a fine range of views as you come around to the south and west.

The trail starts where we left off day 4 outside the taverna in Ag Ilias. Descend about 1km down the road to Syvros until a concrete track goes down to the right signposted to “Ag Lias” in Greek.

The sign where you turn left down the concrete track.

Take the track down a steep hill and turn right at the bottom (now a stone track). Keep on past the church on your right and along to a ford. The trail takes the track going left across the ford.

The track traverses down the steep slope of lower Stavrotas. Keep left at a fork and descend a few hairpins. After another 1.5km the track goes over the ridge running from Stavrotas and heads back north west. It then descends down into the valley. You get wonderful views all the way around. Eventually you meet a small tarmac road. Turn left down the road for 100m until another track descends sharp right.

The track goes sharp right off the road and descends further down the valley

Go down this track as it descends further into the valley below. At the second hairpin right keep right keeping on the same track. This descends down to the bottom of the valley and crosses a delightful stream across a bridge to a tarmac road.

Meet a road across a delightful stream in the almost abandoned village of Roupakis.

Turn right along the road. After a few bends pass a church and start to climb up the opposite side of the valley. After a hairpin going right there is a gravel track going up sharp left. Go up the track and follow through the trees.

Track goes off sharp left just after the hairpin going right.

The track gently climbs up to the bottom of Ag Petros village. Turn right at the crossroads and go up through the roads into the village centre. Here you join the main road down the west of the island. There are tavernas as well as some accommodation for the night.

Tomorrow is your last day on the Lefkada Trail.

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